ANnual Report

Meeting the Moment

At Voqal, we believe a socially just and equitable future where all people succeed and thrive is possible. This premise, our North Star, is unwavering and guides our philanthropic work.

To realize this future, we take a number of different approaches. We make grants to nonprofits fighting systemic inequity, provide capital to entrepreneurs working to advance social justice, advocate for public policy changes, invest in organizations working to address the educational opportunity gap, and operate a business that expands internet access and digital equity.

Over the last year, the continuing global pandemic, racial unrest, and increased threats to our democracy have brought into focus just how important this work is. It is critical that the fearless people and organizations fighting every day for social equity have the support they need.

The last year has also brought profound internal changes at Voqal including a move to a mostly remote work environment, new colleagues and board members from around the country, and, most significantly, a new leader with a clear vision of shifting power to those who throughout our country’s history have had power used against them.

This annual report serves as a snapshot of the work we’ve done in 2021 to meet our commitment of becoming an anti-racist, multicultural organization that centers its work in the communities that face the greatest inequities in society.

We know this journey isn’t an easy one, but it is a necessary one. Our resolve remains firm and our commitment to social equity unwavering. And we’re not going anywhere.

From Protest to power to policy change

Leading the Charge

Embodying Our Vision

By The Numbers